Abstracts & Posters

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts for oral presentations (30 min) at the scientific conference can be submitted until 18 December 2020.

· Short abstracts (<1/2 page)

· Submit abstracts to:  jeanlefloch8@gmail.com

Topics accepted for the PCF2021 Forum:

· Crystal engineering; particles design

· Digitally designed drug products

· Compaction simulation, physical and numerical

· Die compaction, roll compaction, capsule tamping

· Granular aspects:  particle shape, size, polydispersity

· Microstructural aspects; structure-performance link

· Micro-meso structural defects:  cracks, lamination

· Macrostructural surface defects:  sticking, chipping

· Flowability & compressibility of powders

· Modelling & simulation, model calibration, validation

· Swelling & liquid imbibition process

· Material characterization of solid dosage forms

· Advanced spectroscopy; process analysers

· Terahertz imaging & spectroscopy

· Data processing:  machine learning, image analysis

· Continuous manufacturing

· In-line and on-line process monitoring

· Industrial research, applications & case studies

Use the following contact form to submit your abstracts.